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add time: 2019.06.24


Recently, the leaders of Beijing Debang Dawei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and China Vision Kehua Group visited Linshengwei Group to discuss the expansion and promotion of the "Saline-alkali Land Replacement Agriculture" model, and explore how to complement each other's advantages, integrate technology, effectively link up resources and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Wang Sheng, chairman of Shengwei Group, said that as a leading enterprise in saline-alkali land management industry, Shengwei Group has owned six-dimensional biotechnology system with independent intellectual property rights in saline-alkali land management for 16 years. More than 2600 patents for saline-alkali land management have been well verified in Weifang, Binhai, Dongying, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and Jiangsu. Long-term idle saline-alkali land has been revitalized under the rehabilitation and protective development of Shengwei modern science and technology.


Shengwei Group initiated the "Saline-alkali Land Replacement Agriculture" model. Firstly, the saline-alkali land was rehabilitated and protected. After rehabilitation, forage crops such as silage corn, sorghum and alfalfa were planted on the saline-alkali land. High-quality animal breeding resources were introduced to vigorously develop animal husbandry. At the same time, manure and wastewater produced in the process of breeding and processing could be converted into bio-organic fertilizer for conservation and rehabilitation. To cultivate saline-alkali land, so as to realize zero pollution and zero emission of saline-alkali land instead of agricultural park, and realize ecological cycle among internal industries. At the same time, based on the "salt stress" effect, the agricultural and animal husbandry products on saline-alkali land are obviously superior to ordinary agricultural and animal husbandry products in nutrition, quality, taste, safety and so on, which can guarantee the brand building of high-end agricultural and animal husbandry products from the source.

Sun Xiangyang, general manager of Debang Dawei, shared the successful experience of the enterprise in agricultural machinery, especially irrigation machinery. The two sides discussed the specific business of forage cultivation and cattle and sheep breeding in the "Saline-alkali Land Replacement Agriculture" Industrial Park, and further clarified the entry point of the later cooperation.


Relevant directors of Sinopec Kehua praised the pragmatic spirit of Shengwei Group's 16-year deep-ploughing industry and the advanced model of "saline-alkali land replacing agriculture". At the same time, from the perspective of the group's brand promotion and influence building, they put forward pertinent suggestions for the promotion and replication of the model.


Several guests also visited Bailang River Saline-alkali Land Treatment Achievements, Shengwei Animal Husbandry Products Deep Processing Base, Shengwei Isolation Farm and so on, accompanied by relevant leaders of Shengwei Group.


All the three sides indicated that in the latter stage, they would take the promotion and replication of the model of "saline-alkali land replacing agriculture" as the starting point, jointly develop and complement each other's advantages, so as to better drive the poor people on saline-alkali land out of poverty and become rich, achieve win-win social, economic and ecological benefits, and promote the implementation of the national strategy of precise poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.








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