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add time: 2019.06.18

On June 15, Zhang Xinguo, deputy county governor of Yangxin County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, led the relevant leaders and a group of Huayang Group to visit Shengwei Group and negotiate on beef deep processing and new retail sales of beef products. This forum paved the way for Shengwei Group and Yangxin County to strengthen cooperation in the next step.


At the meeting, Wang Sheng, chairman of Shengwei Group, and Zhang Xinguo, vice-chairman of Yangxin County of Shandong Province, Zhao Baoyi, director of Yangxin County Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Yang Hongbin, vice-chairman of Yangxin County Animal Husbandry Bureau and Yang Xiaorui, chairman of Huayang Group, led discussions. The two sides had extensive and in-depth exchanges on follow-up cooperation. Wang Sheng said that as one of the top 100 counties in animal husbandry in China, beef cattle industry is a key industry, while Shengwei Group, as a leading enterprise in saline-alkali land, has created a new model of "saline-alkali land replacing agriculture" around the import of beef cattle from abroad. It has realized the combination of "breeding, raising and adding" on the idle saline-alkali land, covering the import of live animals, poverty alleviation of breeding cattle, breeding of improved breeds, slaughtering and processing, and so on. Muslim food processing, beef products sales and other businesses, the annual slaughter of 100,000 beef cattle processing of modern slaughterhouses and large isolation yards have also been completed. The two sides have a high degree of industrial agreement. They should cooperate as soon as possible on beef cattle slaughtering, refrigeration logistics, import of breeding cattle, new retail of beef products and other projects to create brilliance.

Chairman Wang Sheng accompanied Zhang Xinguo and his delegation to visit Bailang River Saline-alkali Land Treatment Project, Weifang Port Import Port, Weifang Free Trade Zone Beef Processing Project, Shengwei Meat Joint Factory and Shengwei Isolation Yard. Zhang Xinguo praised the achievements and contributions made by Shengwei Group on saline-alkali land in the past, and highly recognized the technical strength and advanced hardware facilities of Shengwei Group. It is believed that the development model of Shengwei Group's beef cattle industry in saline-alkali land has a bright future and great potential for cooperation. The two sides will work hand in hand to strengthen joint efforts, complement each other's strengths and win-win cooperation to achieve industrial poverty alleviation and jointly create high-end and high-quality chilled beef in China. This forum paved the way for further cooperation between Shengwei Group and Yangxin.

Shengwei Group's saline-alkali beef cattle industry has introduced foreign high-quality beef cattle provenances into China, forming an economic model of "saline-alkali land agroforestry-animal husbandry complex, Grass-fruit field integration, one-two-three-production integration, cultivation and feeding industry circular development", creating a "Weifang new model" to promote the implementation of the national precise poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization strategy.





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