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add time: 2019.05.07


On May 6, Mr. Lin yongyou, vice President of argentine-china production and industry and commerce association, visited shengwei group in binhai district. The two sides discussed the beef production and marketing model and the introduction of fine breeding stock resources, and reached the cooperation intention.

With the continuous upgrading of domestic consumption structure, the market demand for chilled beef is growing rapidly, and the current domestic brand chilled beef is in serious shortage. The reason for this shortage is related to the shortage of available land resources in the country. When the cultivation of food crops is tight, it is difficult to have a large area of land resources to be used for pasture.

Saline-alkali land - wei group based on this, puts forward the "+" business model, through the study of the restoration and protection of saline-alkali land development, and implementation on saline-alkali land planting forage grass, at the same time, will introduce fine pedigree resources at home and abroad, the development of animal husbandry and aquaculture, processing of livestock and poultry manure, animal products processing waste water, fertilizer and organic combination of saline-alkali land ecological reconstruction, preliminary exploration out a salt-alkaloid land ", "planting and raising with the combination of the first, second and tertiary industry, modern, efficient agriculture new path for the sustainable development of ecological cycle. This mode of operation greatly solved the problem of land and forage restricting domestic beef cattle breeding, and opened up new ideas for domestic beef cattle breeding.

In the eyes of sheng-great man, saline and alkaline land, which is difficult for common crops to survive, is a "pure land" that is not polluted by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. After scientific restoration technology, under the effect of "salt stress", the forage produced in saline and alkaline land is far better than that of common forage, which will greatly guarantee the quality and safety of beef cattle.

At present, the agricultural plantations and international animal husbandry industrial park of shengwei group in weifang binhai have taken shape, and it has built a modern food factory and several large isolation farms with an annual slaughter and processing capacity of 100,000 head of beef cattle. The ecological plantation of saline-alkali land covering an area of 3,000 mu has taken shape preliminarily. Alfalfa, leymus chinensis, silage corn and other feed crops in the alkaline land have been successfully planted and realized large-scale planting.

Opening as weifang national agricultural development one of the key projects of comprehensive experimental area, sheng wei group make full use of geographical advantages, in the perfect domestic sales channels, brand stores at the same time, also to look to international beef cattle market, walk, and to strengthen cooperation with international famous agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises to "buy global sell world" as the goal, with the development of globalization, the internationalization of agriculture and animal husbandry industry. Mr Lin Yongyou said, based on the current domestic beef beef export markets and foreign present situation, the two sides in the beef industry strategic cooperation prospect is extensive, at this stage of beef production and marketing mode and good breeding stock resources introduction of cooperation, not only can periodically to meet the demand of the market, more can gradually realize the quality improvement of domestic cattle from the source and ascension, to build the core competitiveness of enterprises and even the entire beef industry is helpful for the long-term development in the future.

The achievement of the cooperation intention, for the enterprise itself is a combination of strong, achieve leapfrog development, in weifang national agricultural opening development comprehensive experimental zone of the overall operation and development model, also has a very good reference.









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