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Care for staff family Fight against disease

add time: 2018.07.18

  On July 18th, Wang Sheng, chairman of Sanvy Group and other managers went to Zhuli Town, Hanting District to visit the Ma Jinjie who suffered from malignant T lymphoma.

  Ma Jinjie is the younger brother of Ma Xiaojing, an employee of Sanvy's Financial Department. He was diagnosed with malignant T lymphoma in December 2017. The cost of multiple chemotherapy and huge transplants made the rural family almost helpless and desperate. After learning about the situation, Wang Sheng organized the employees' donation and personally donated RMB 20,000 himself to mobilize the staff and the media to forward fundraising information to help raise money for treatment and send warmth to the unfortunate family.

  President Wang inquired about Ma Jinjie's condition and treatment, reminded Ma Jinjie to have enough rest, do moderate exercise, and actively cooperate with doctors to maintain a good mentality, strengthen his confidence to overcome the disease, and strive for a speedy recovery.

  The family were very moved by Mr. Wang’s visit and repeatedly thanked the company leaders for their care. Ma also said that he would strengthen his confidence and be optimistic to face up to the disease.

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