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  Sanvy Tourism is a characteristic tourism affiliate corporate of Sanvy Group. Based on the theme of Alkaline-friendly Life and equipped with Binhai's unique salt-roasted hot springs, creative farmlands, creative workshops of cattle culture, beef food street and five-star hotel, Sanvy is dedicated to creating an alkaline civilization.

       Located at Weifang Binhai, Sanvy Tourism’s business scope covers various fields including cultural tourism, real estate, catering and hotel management. A five-star hotel has been built and a hot spring hotel is in operation. Beside this, Sanvy is planning to build a characteristic town of 6 square kilometers – Jian Yue Life Town (a town supplied with alkaline food and other healthy products produced from Saline-Alkali land).

       Jian Yue Life Town has a planned area of 3.21 square kilometers. It’s core area is about 1.73 square kilometers. The total investment is about RMB 3 billion, so far RMB 350 million has been invested. Based on the superior saline-alkali land improvement technologies of Sanvy Group and with Weifang port as a logistics resource, Sanvy is integrating its advantages to develop scientific, services and entertainment industries and build Financial Valley, Information Valley, Scientific Valley and Talents Development Center by establishing saline-alkali soil related centers, such as World Saline-Alkali Center, Science and Technology Property Rights Trading Center, Commodity Trading Center, Land Trading Center, Cattle Trading Center, and Beef Street.

     The characteristic beef food street covers an area of 2,000 square meters, mainly equipped with beef-related food & beverage and agricultural sideline products offline experience stores. 

     The beef related food and beverage outlets include: beef hot pot restaurants, barbecue shops, teppanyaki, Chinese-style dinner shops, and more than 100 beef snack shops from the country.

     The Saline-alkali agricultural sideline products include: organic antibiotic-free agricultural products and snack food from Saline-alkali area.

     Jian Yue Life Experience store retails and wholesales chilled fresh Australian beef and agricultural products produced by Sanvy. Not only enjoy delicious and healthy alkaline food here, you can also cook on

 site and take away a handful of gifts and share healthy products with friends and family.



Jian Yue Salt Hot Spring