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Jian Yue (Alkaline) E-commerce is a marketing company that Sanvy Group strives to develop. Relying on the farming, animal husbandry and related products produced by Sanvy Agriculture and Sanvy Animal Husbandry, it provides a full range of marketing services, and builds an E-commerce platform and an E-commerce incubator at the same time, to serve more e-commerce brands. The core brand operated by Jian Yue (Alkaline) E-Commerce is “Yi Jian Xian”, which is an e-commerce platform selling and providing services of alkaline-based beef products and functional agricultural products to middle and high-end customers. 

      Through advanced technologies such as big data, intelligent information systems, artificial intelligence, etc., Sanvy has established an intelligent information system that both runs online and offline sales business and opens a new mode of unmanned retailing. In first-tier cities, brand experience stores provide cutting, display, sales and experience services for imported chilled steak. To expand its market, smart cabinets are equipped in surrounding communities, so that customers would get their products easily after ordering online. What’s more, with block chain technology applied, product quality is traced from the very beginning to ensure food safety.

       So far, E-commerce incubator has been put into operation and serves dozens of E-commerce corporates; one beef experience store in Shanghai plans to a whole network marketing system of traditional wholesale and retail, online operation, community social marketing, and unmanned retail. Sanvy is determined to make Yi Jian Xian the best chilled fresh beef brand in China and provide the safest high-quality beef.