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Founded in 2015, Shandong Sanvy Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sanvy) is a wholly-owned subsidiary corporate invested by Shandong Sanvy Holding Co., Ltd. Located in Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone and adjacent to Weifang Port, the imported beef cattle project undertakes the task of construction of slaughter cattle inspection and quarantine port for Weifang Municipal Government, and all the infrastructure construction of the company has been completed on idle saline-alkali land and tidal flats.

The company creates a new industrial model, “saline-alkali land + beef cattle”. It has realized the combination of “agriculture, animal husbandry + other related industries” on the idle saline-alkali land in Weifang, and the business scope covers saline-alkali grass planting, the import of live animals, poverty alleviation with breed cattle, breeding, slaughtering and processing, halal food deep processing, e-commerce sales and other services.

Sanvy Animal Husbandry is combined of two business segments: feedlot and abattoir. The distance between these two facilities is only 5.3 kilometers.

 The feedlot, covering an area of 300 mu, was used to be a salt field. Now it has been invested 132million yuan so far and it’s total construction area is 75,943 square meters and about 6.8 kilometers from Weifang Port. There is no breeding enterprise nearby, which makes an excellent natural isolation environment. At present, one feedlot capable of accommodating 7,000 beef cattle has been built, one is under construction, and six more are planned to be built. Once those 8 feedlots completed, it will become the largest domestic imported livestock isolation and processing port.

       Sanvy abattoir is designed and constructed according to European standards. The project covers an area of 200 mu with an estimated total investment of 600 million yuan. Now it has completed the construction investment of 160 million yuan in the first phase. The factory is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of imported beef cattle. The factory adopts a full set of advanced European slaughtering and cutting processing technology equipment and introduces international advanced ammonia/carbon dioxide cascade refrigeration technology. With annually capacity of slaughtering 100,000 beef cattle and producing 21,000 tons of beef products, it is currently the most modernized and the largest production capacity facility in China.

In December 2017, Sanvy Animal Husbandry got Australian ESCAS audit approval. In accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System standards, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System standards and HACCP system requirements, Sanvy strictly controls every production management process. Meanwhile, it applies Block Chain technology in the whole process, which enables traceability of product quality to ensure that consumers are provided with green, safe, fresh, nutritious and traceable safe foods. 

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