Development History

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  • Collectivize development2017~to now

    Build a collectivity management organization; realize co-development among agriculture, landscape, animal husbandry, Travel and E-commerce

    In 2017 Establish strategic partnership with industry giants like Hunland, Frontier and so on

    In 2018 Six Technologies System is certificated as international advanced level

  • Rapid development period2010-2016

    In 2010 Cooperate with Palm Landscape, step into the forefront of the domestic landscape enterprises, become the pioneer of the Saline-Alkali Industry

    In 2014 Establish strategic partnership with Chinese Academy of Sciences

    In 2015 Undertake the Chinese Saline-Alkali Land Development, utilization and management Seminar

    In 2016 Launch and establish Chinese Alliance for Intellectual Property Protection of Saline-Alkali Land Industry

  • Start2003-2009

    Start with landscaping projects,gradually expand its business to Saline-Alkali land management projects

    Projects: Bailang River management project Bidding amount: 1billion

    Demonstration projects in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu Province, Yellow River estuary