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Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

Forestry Industry Leading Enterprise of Shandong Province

Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong

One Enterprise- One Technology R&D Center

Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise of Shandong Province

Famous Brand of Shandong Province

Weifang Private Science & Technology Enterprise Certificate

Weifang Agricultural Industry Leading Enterprise

Weifang Saline-Alkali Land Eco-Restoration Engineering Lab

Weifang Pilot Enterprise of Intellectual Property

Host Enterprise of Fellow Activities in Shandong Province

Fellow & Experts Workstation

Chinese Alliance for Intellectual Property Protection of Saline-Alkali Industry

Weifang Sanvy Saline-Alkali Land Eco-management Enterprise Key Laboratory

Forestry Industry Leading Enterprise of Shandong Province

Chinese Strategic Alliance of Technical Innovation for Saline-Alkali Industry