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    More than 2600 patented technologies for saline-alkali land treatment

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    Six Core Technological Systems

Founded in 2003, Shandong Sanvy Holding Co.,Ltd (Sanvy Group) has developed from a landscaping company into a comprehensive industrial group.  With E-commerce as the new retail platform, its business covers and combines four major fields together, which are Eco-environment Restoration of Saline-Alkali Land, Saline-Alkali Functional Agriculture, Saline-Alkali Animal Husbandry and Saline-Alkali Tourism.

Sanvy Group is the Chairman Unit of Chinses Alliance for Intellectual Property Protection of Saline-Alkali Industry, and the pioneer and leader of the global Saline-Alkali land industry eco-operation model. It now has six core technological systems for autonomous intellectual property rights of saline-alkali land management, and has more than 2,600 patents in this fields. Related patents have been verified with good results in Weifang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and many other places. Being idled for a long time, tens of thousands of mu of Saline-Alkali land now have been rejuvenated under the protective development of Sanvy's modern technology.

Sanvy also initiates the “Saline-Alkali Land Industry Eco-complex” model and attaches great importance on “Saline-Alkali Land plus Cattle” industry. It carries out protective development of saline-alkali land first, then plants pasture on the improved land, and on this condition, it imports high-quality beef cattle from abroad through the Weifang Port and raise them on the pasture land. In this way, it solves two bottle-neck issues prohibiting development of cattle industry in China, insufficient cattle and pasture. In another way, the manure, waste material and water produced during livestock breeding and food processing can be turned into organic fertilizer to be applied on Saline-Alkali land improvement. Compared to other areas near ports, the vast Saline-Alkali land resource in Binhai becomes its unique advantages for importing livestock. It has massive land to build an international animal husbandry industrial park, including isolation fields, breeding facilities, abattoir and beef deep processing facilities, capable of processing 1billion tons of beef per year, which will make it the largest beef product distributing center in China. The other factor that assists its development is that it is close to China Food Valley and East Asia Livestock Exchange Center. These physical factors will effectively boost the cattle and beef business in Binhai.

In addition, Sanvy aims to build a characteristic tourism town of Saline-Alkali industry. The town consists of characteristic projects, Agricultural & Animal Husbandry industrial park, salt hot spring and beef food street etc.. The industrial park are divided into several function areas, including but not limited to garden landscape area, fruit picking area and ecological pasture area. Products harvested from the saline-alkali farm can be delivered directly to the restaurants or food processing factories.

New technologies, like IoT, Big Data and Block Chain, are introduced into the whole value chain by Sanvy to realize the intellectual and unmanned management of industry operation. By integrating with the new retail model of E-commerce, it not only helps with increasing the product sales, but also ensures food safety by realizing products’ traceability from saline-alkali land.

Saline-Alkali land management & cattle raising, breeding and processing business & tourism, these three industries are all combined in the business model of Sanvy. With 2 billion mu of Saline-alkali land in China, the soil management industry will bring huge benefits to ecology, economy and society.

In the future, by effectively integrating national policies such as "Precise Poverty Alleviation", "Rural Vitalization Strategy", "New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion", "Characteristic Small Town" Construction and "One Belt One Road" policy,  Sanvy will continuously focus on the ecological operation of the Saline-Alkali industry and strive hard to build the Group into a global leading ecosystem operator in the Saline-Alkali Eco-industry.